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Blue Flower

B4 Size Hard Cover Book  / 112 Pages  / 4 Color Inks + Varnish

Published in June 2016

There is a dream-like atmosphere surrounding the world of images created by Yoichiro Nishimura―a dream subtly cool, erotic and mysterious.


In the middle of the night, as I turn off the light and close my eyes, there appear spectacles of various lights glowing like phosphorescence in the back of the eyelids, slowly flowing across the retina. Whenever my senses experience this indefinable transition of light, I find myself immersed in Nishimura’s visions. A journey into a sensual, alluring world of the microcosms―Blue Flower is a sublimation of Nishimura’s creative sensitivity.

Daido Moriyama



A4 Size Hard Cover Book  / 64Pages / Black and White Double Tone

Published in September 1999

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