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Tulips are one of my favorite flowers, and In retrospect, my first solo exhibition in my twenties featured a wide variety of photographs, including everyday snapshots, landscapes, still lifes, and people,
(I made too many works becouse I was so enthusiastic ,I couldn't decorate some of them on the wall ,then I puted them on the floor. )but From among such many images, I chose the tulip photo as the photo to be used as a guide for my solo exhibition.   It is a tulip that is exposed to the sun on the windowsill and emerges on a dark background.  Also, my first photo book "LIFE", which was published in my thirties, is a series that shows the process of a tulip bouquet dedicated to a newborn daughter, blooming and wither at her bedside. This is a book composed entirely of tulip flowers. In my 40s, I made color works using a technique called scangram (* 2). Red and yellow tulips have been reborn as blue flowers with a photogram-like effect. Color scangrams and part of the "LIFE" series will also be on display at this exhibition, so I hope you'll enjoy them as well.
  (* 1) Photogram is a classic photographic technique in which an object is placed directly on photosensitive paper and exposed to light to burn its silhouette.
(* 2) Scangram is a photographic technique that uses a scanner to take pictures. A photogram-like effect can be obtained by placing an object directly on a flatbed scanner and shooting in the transparent original mode.
Yoichiro Nishimura Biography
Born in Nishitokyo, Tokyo in 1967. He studied photography at Bigakko, and after working as a photography assistant, became independent as a freelance photographer in 1990 and continues to this day. He has published works with motifs such as plants, insects, bird wings, water, and nudity, focusing on photograms and scangrams, which are photographic techniques that he does not use cameras. Many solo and group exhibitions. He has been a lecturer at Bigakko Photography Studio since 2002, and a part-time lecturer at Tokyo Zokei University Photography Department since 2012. He has lived in Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture since 1999.
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